The Travels of Wally & Libby Calendar

Wally & Libby are the star characters in a series of calendars developed for a local Coach Company featuring a range of Children's puzzles. Each month the reader must solve a puzzle in order to help the main protagonists overcome obstacles they encounter on their adventures and continue the story.

Having been first approached with an initial 'a-sexual' character design and basic concept I quickly split the original bus character's gender into a separate male & female, creating a relationship between the two and a concern that either one would triumph over the difficulties they are presented with. The series is solely my creation, writing the stories, researching and developing the puzzles and illustrating each panel myself.

This is a fun project to be involved in and having progressed the story lines over several years and over around fifty puzzle panels, I have grown somewhat fond of the characters.

Ascott Executive Suite Art Installation

Having worked with Newmarket based Cheveley Park Stud on numerous occasions I was asked by their senior staff to look at 'sprucing up' their executive area at Ascot racecourse.

Working with senior members of Cheveley's management team I helped carry forward their idea of showcasing the Stud's history and successes over the years, climaxing in Spacious' win at Ascott. Developing the idea of showcasing Ceveley's Silks in historic photos and fading the surrounding history to black & white I was put in contact with legendary racing photographer Terry Jones who's photography library provided the perfect source material.

The final montage installation was so well received by the senior management and owners of Cheveley Park Stud that I was commissioned a year later to provide a similar installation for Cheveley's executive box at Newmarket Racecourse, but this time with the focus being Hooray's success on home turf.

Burger King

Working both with franchise owners and Burger King directly I contributed, over several years, to producing in store promotional material for Burger King restaurants in shopping centres throughout the UK.

Granted access to the resources on Burger King's marketing portal, and following Burger King's strict brand guidelines I contributed designs for materials advertising either offers and promotions or simply the stores themselves through several marketing campaigns, including the 'King of the Day' and the well known 'Home of the Whopper' campaigns, well received by thousands of Burger King customers.

Brandon Regeneration Proposal

Approached to personally work with a Sunday Times top 100 Rich list investor to deliver a complete brand solution for the regeneration proposal of the Suffolk town of Brandon.

My responsibilities consisted of initially working with project partners to create a logo for the project to reflect the town and it's past history. Once complete, my focus was progressed to creating a complete brand, encompassing the entire project and it's stakeholders, and applying this to all materials to be submitted for the planning proposal. In preparation for the documentation I was to receive, I created clear style guidelines which were sent out to all project contributors to ensure all materials created in support of the project were consistent.

Once branding was agreed, I worked collating material from a large number of consultants and experts from fields such as engineering, architecture, planing, highways & traffic, university professors, law and finance - each of who's speciality input had to be included into documents which I then prepared for both print and digital distribution.

The huge investment into the project and it's potential public exposure meant every aspect of my design input was scrutinised from colours to images, typefaces and even binding style chosen for the documentation, all of which had to be deliberately justified, reasoned and approved.

The project proposal was successfully delivered within budget and on time, and is currently in the process of planning review.

Cambridge City Mayor Charity Banners

Every year the incoming City of Cambridge Mayor nominates two charities his office will specifically support during his or her coming year in office. As part of the award the nominated charities are provided a space within the entrance foyer of the Guild Hall in Cambridge which they can use to promote their charity and the work they undertake. The space is passed by thousands of visiting staff, officials, local businesses and members of the public over the course of the year and included with it is a banner promoting the charity and bringing attention to their work.

For several years now I have worked with the Mayors Office, under several Mayors, designing the promotional banners that occupy the charities allotted space. Each year I work with representatives of the chosen charities in designing a banner promoting awareness of their activities or a specific funding target they are trying to reach.

In some cases the charities are well known and well funded national organisations, with a clear brand direction and style guidelines already established. Other charities have not received the benefit of professional design or advertising services and are often hugely grateful for the input I am able to offer.


Sainsbury's Store in Cambridge approached me after opening a new Fresh Pizza Deli in response to competitors in the city offering a similar service. Expressing frustration in the difficulties they were having in sourcing appropriate promotional material for such a new service, through their official corporate channels, management of the Cambridge Store asked if I could step in to fill the gap.

Working under Sainsbury's already extremely well established brand guidelines I designed the menu flyers which were made available in store and passed out around the city promoting the new service and informing customers of the variety of choice available. Having had to be approved for use by Sainsbury's head office, the flyer provided a stop gap until 'official' marketing materials were arranged and made available.

Papworth Trust

Offering an annual raffle and prize draw Papworth Hospital asked if I could improve on the previous years designs and potentially help improve ticket sales, helping to further fund the charity.

One of several ideas I put forward, included here is the design chosen to be produced. Remaining true to the brands corporate colour scheme the design was 'liked' as it also conveyed the caring nature by which the hospital prides it's self.

Following the success of the ticket sales I was later contacted to help recreate the charities letterheads and arrange printing of emergency replacement sheets after an oversight in ordering left the hospital running out of headed paper.

This is one of several contracts I have subsequently undertaken for the NHS.

Goodwyns Bakery

Following the closure of the original Goodwyns Bakery I was asked by the new owners to re-design the logo and branding in preparation for a re-launch of the of the product range.

The approach settled on was one of wholesomeness and quality, a niche not really exploited in the already crowded market place of budget baked goods. It was here I decided on the 'farmhouse' rustic themes and dark subdued tones not akin with products of this type. I was keen for Goodwyn's to stand out from the noise of bight colours on supermarket shelves and fought hard to convince the project stakeholders that this 'opposite' direction would create a negative space in the blur of colour made by other products, subsequently attracting attention. Reluctantly my approach was agreed.

Today the Goodwyns range features over 40 products in the line with new bakes being added annually. Goodwyns is sold nationally in high-street stores such as Co-Op and Budgens and has even made an appearance on the BBC. In fact the packaging design has been so successful in conveying it's themes of quality at a budget price that the brand owners have received a few complaints that some products don't live up to the quality alluded to by the packaging and recipes have had to be brought up to standard!

In recent years we have noticed that competitors of the range have also started to copy my design using the same colours and design style, so we have begun to introduce colour into the range in order to stay one step ahead.

IWM Duxford Building Restoration

A peculiar request from IWM Duxford to help with the restoration of one of their buildings, an original WWII mess hall, being converted into a museum space.

It had been determined that the windows in the upper section of the large mess hall had to be bricked up over safety, security and conservation concerns. However planning regulations dictated that the building appear unchanged so I was asked if it were possible make digital re-creations of the windows to be printed at photo quality, applied to robust metal panels and mounted into the former window positions.

Visiting the site I took high resolution photographs of the windows, and window detailing such as the hinges and paint deterioration. Photos were then stitched back together to form a complete window at the exact size of the original. Of course the final print could not be transparent so I also created a texture for the glass to suggest reflection and distortion present in the glass to mimic the real thing.

Successfully installed, the printed windows are now part of the restored building. If you're passing by see if you can spot the difference!

YMCA 'No Cracks'

No Cracks is a project run by the YMCA which helps those aged 15-23 who have spent time in correctional institutions find their feet again and re-integrate back into society once leaving custody.

Approached by the head of the project in the local area, the design was created to re-enforce the 'No Cracks' name and ideals of the project whilst featuring a style and visual appeal that young offenders would identify and ultimately feel comfortable with. Originally the design was black and worked well but it was felt that this was a little too negative and so the design was shifted to blue with more vulnerable candidates responding well.

Thanks to the resonance this branding had with the project and the community of local young offenders, the project became one of the most successful of it's kind in the country. The design was considered so successful in fact that it was considered by YMCA's head office to become the official design for the national campaign, only narrowly missing out to a proposal submitted by a large advertising agency.

Following the successful awarding of the national campaign I continued to provide design work for the project in-line with the new style.

Zoom Answer Call

Having designed promotional brochures for zoom I was invited back to the companies offices to help provide some ideas and suggestions to 'brighten up' the office space and promote the company internally. Zoom were keen to get across their core values and services whilst also creating a refreshing environment within which their staff could thrive and pass on the company ethos of 'answering all calls with a smile'.

I provided a range of designs to Zoom's management team which I both drew and 'Photoshopped' into photos of their office space to help provide a vision of how the final offering may look. Ideas ranged from simple branding to artworks inspired by Roy Lichtenstein, of which the chosen designs were cut from vinyl and successfully installed.

The Rules of Food Court

The organisation which manages Food Courts in shopping centres throughout the UK asked for my help with some signage discouraging the use of their Food Court spaces for the consumption of food bought outside of the premises, a problem which had become increasingly prevalent.

A tricky problem to solve with signage, it was my opinion that humour and familiar references would work well in both attracting attention and trying to persuade patrons to observe the rules of the seating area whilst keeping the mood jovial, rather than opting for a threatening tone or the risk of penalty. I felt this design, based on promotional material for the 1999 movie, Fight Club, struck the balance well. Other ideas playfully suggested that outside establishments were not as good as the Food Court's offerings or were not allowed.

Sadly the management organisation didn't feel they could take this particular design forward and opted for one of my simpler designs with a firmer approach. It still, however, remains one of my favourites.

Food Factory

Designs for a simple print campaign promoting The Food Factory's Christmas Carvery and other seasonal offerings. Printed posters were positioned in store and reportedly attracted a positive response.

The challenge came with this project in the fact that The Food Factory didn't have a coherent brand strategy or even a consistent logo. Once I had refined and polished the logo, the festive 'theme' was created to imply both the mood of the season but also the quality on offer. A concept achieved by the colours and vivid imagery used.

Graphic Art (Cambridge) Ltd

Whilst employed at Graphic Art (Cambridge) Ltd I was responsible for creating internal artwork and designs for company branded martial along side my day to day duties. Shortly after joining the company I successfully led an overhaul of the company's brand strategy in preparation for a trade show the company was to be attending, re-designing every aspect of their marketing material, bringing the companies dated appearance up to date.

Over the years of my employment this work bloomed to encompass company stationery, promotional materials, promotional print samples, vehicle fleet livery, internal signage and notices, exterior company signage and advertising, adverts for publications, email and digital communications, brochures, leaflets, calendars, key fobs, note pads, display stands, email signatures, product photography, website & social media content, official company drawing frames and just about all other internal company design and print work.

Whilst working up from the position of Junior Art Worker to Senior Graphic Designer I assumed more responsibilities over the companies brand, taking over management of the companies social media, online advertising and website. I was subsequently heavily involved in a ground up redesign and re-build of the company website providing a vast majority of the imagery and content for the site, later responsible for it's day to day maintenance and upkeep.

Following recognition of this work I was subsequently also tasked to provide the same service for design and print materials for Graphic Art (Cambridge) Ltd's parent company CEP.

Cafe Italiano & Lavazza Coffee

I was excited when given the opportunity to work with Lavazza Coffee to promote their range of products in Cafe Italiano Stores. Acutely aware of their global brand image, and high fashion style, I was provided access to some of their unique and extremely visually impactful photography to work with.

Over several years I provided design work for menu boards, point of sale items, promotional materials, loyalty cards and in store marketing for UK high-street stores and positions within UK shopping centres.

As time and the projects progressed, Cafe Italiano's identity become more intertwined with that of the style of Lavazza sharing a colour scheme and similar visual identity, with Cafe Italiano borrowing from Lavazza Coffee's style in promoting other items in their range. The allowing of this amalgamation of visual styling helped in unifying the stores offering, driving stronger customer awareness and loyalty, leading to the survival of Cafe Italiano through the difficult breakup of it's parent company.

International Cottage Switzerland

An interesting project, for which I was contacted by a former client who had moved to Switzerland and subsequently taken up work for the International Cottage School in Vevey on Lake Geneva. The school attracts children of high net worth clients originating from various places around the world and so my brief was to create a marketing proposal which was professional but also appealed across a diverse client range from a wide range of cultures.

In addition to these requirements the school also prides it's self on it's environmental credentials and ecological values it impresses on it's students. It was this factor that lead me to settle on the leaf and tree design which was intended to look as if it were made from cut out paper, representative of some the younger students activities specifically targeted by the brochure.

The design was well received and after some discussions and tweaks a final design was submitted to be printed. Here you can see some of the variations for the final deign that were considered.

Kestrel Property Group Branding

Following the proposed redevelopment application for the town of Brandon in Suffolk one of the companies involved approached me to update their logo and company branding in-line with an expansion they were undergoing to help encompass all of the areas they needed to in order to deliver on the project.

Previous to the redevelopment application I had already 'smartened up' their existing design and so continued this work from Kestrel Property & Land Ltd to Kestrel Property Group PLC. Following several submitted designs for a new group logo I created a suite of business stationery following the company branding and chosen logo motif.


A fun little side project, I decided to propose an art piece to fill a space of bare wall in the Design Studio at Graphic Art (Cambridge) Ltd.

Inspired by Lichtenstein's 'Wham' and drawn up in my spare time, this is a 'Geeky' homage to the original.

Layla Charity

Following the successful delivery of the Brandon Town Regeneration plan branding project I was again approached by the same Sunday Times top 100 Rich list investor to help with promoting both the charity he had founded and it's various events.

Named 'Layla' the charity is actually an amalgamation of various previous and former charitable organisations and events. I worked as part of a team designing a logo creating an identity for the charity. Linked to charitable work for veterans of both world wars, the client was explicit in his requirement that the identity recognise the contribution made by not just those in the UK but also US and French partners. The fox motif was taken from the former 'Huxley Heroes' charity who mascot was a Fox, placed on a record... a nod to the famous song with which the charity shares it's name.

A key event for the charity was a charity rugby match between the Cambridge Crusaders and the Shelford Peacocks, part of a wider weekend long event. The Cambridge Crusaders were set up by the client and as such didn't have a badge or insignia. In response to this I was asked to draw the rose in the shield under heavy direction by the client himself. The poster promoting the weekend of events, featuring Lord Kitchner, I created in response to the charities work with the WWI centenary.

Lee Associates

Having worked with Lee Associates for several years I was asked to work with a specialist communications consultant they had commissioned in completely re-branding the company and building a new more 'polished' corporate image for the business. Having been in business for several decades and offering financial services in a wide range of sectors, it was clear from the outset that a redesign on this scale was a big task.

Whilst the original logo was retained the company image and colour scheme was modified to reflect the companies new image. I then set about redesigning every piece of printed and digital material the company used, from business stationery to marketing material, website graphics and even the graphics used in businesses store-front.

During the process I worked closely with the communications consultant, meeting several times to decide on specific imagery, design layouts, content, typefaces and other design aspects. I created templates into which his supplied copy was dropped and brought together information supplied by staff of the business for the relevant charts and graphs.

On display here is a small selection of the final total output that was generated.

Digital Restoration

This original map of the town of Brandon was discovered, forgotten in a loft during the research stage of the planning proposal for the regeneration of the town. I was asked if I could digitally re-construct it so that it could be printed, framed and presented as gift during the planning application.

With the paper visibly deteriorating when touched I consulted experts in artefact restoration to help ensure I didn't cause further damage before scanning each section of the remains of the map and painstakingly combining and stitching each part back together digitally. I painted in gaps by hand using reference from similar maps of the era to create a single complete piece once again.

On a personal level I am pleased with the result.

Orbital Fabrication

Inheriting this contract from a previous designer, I worked with staff at Orbital Fabrications in creating a design which promoted the many facets to the work they undertake.

Initially created for promotional display material for an event the company were attending the design was later migrated over to the company brochure and company stationery, giving the business a more coherent image across their marketing media.

HIV Awarenesss Poster

Originally part of a project for students of Cambridge University, I was asked to 'work up' design ideas they had to help launch a campaign encouraging male students, who were perhaps less likely to seek medical advice, to be checked if they feared they had come into intimate contact with a person suffering from HIV.

Given the brief to predominantly target men of ethnically diverse backgrounds I was conscious that visually the design had to be eye catching whilst not looking medical or being 'nagging'. From discussions with the students, the idea of finding 'that one' person in the crowd formed and this became the inspiration for the design.

The posters formed a print campaign, placed around the university, raising awareness of the issue of HIV.


Having worked with the NHS on several occasions before, including working on projects for both Addenbrookes and Papworth hospitals, I was again approached, this time by the Cambridge Community Services NHS Trust, in helping to promote their sexual health and well being services.

Following the NHS's strict brand guidelines, I was tasked with designing a series of banners and flags used at several public events promoting awareness for 'pop-up' clinics, where patients could be tested and receive advice about any sexual health concerns they may have. The brief was that the designs had to be instantly eye-catching, whilst being simple enough to convey the information quickly and be obviously recognisable as belonging to the NHS. It was this brief which led to the full scale bright colours being used.

Feedback received was that the designs were used successfully in several locations including local festivals, attracting a steady influx of potential patients, a proportion of whom went on to receive direct medial care as a result of their participation.

Samsung Cambridge Recruitment

A simple project for Samsung recruitment in Cambridge, but one that still had to adhere to the brand's strict global guidelines. Working closely with Samsung's recruitment team in Cambridge to convey the appropriate message and promote the event. Feedback received was positive, attracting a good number of potential candidates thanks to the awareness generated by the print work deployed around the city.

A shout out here to Samsung for some of the fun 'goodies' I received from the event.

Seeds Of Change

Work completed as part of a wider design project involving multiple brands, this was a simple project, working with existing design work, correcting and 'Photoshopping' the products on offer in line with actual in-store offerings.

'Speak Up' Corporate Awareness Campaign

Following a period of thefts and incidents of bullying in the kitchens and back offices of establishments in UK shopping centre food courts, the organisation which manages these spaces once again approached me to create posters to advertise awareness of these issues and draw attention to a hotline which had been set up to report such problems anonymously.

The average age of employees working in this sector is youthful and so the style of the poster was designed to reflect this and appeal to it's target audience. A simple print campaign using the poster was conducted, placing the poster on notice areas in these establishments, successfully contributing to the curbing of the problems identified.

Gift Voucher Design

Not strictly official, I often get requests to design vouchers for friends and family who have bought gifts such as tickets or subscriptions and want to make them a bit more special than a simple receipt or print out from a website.

What makes this a nice challenge is that these are always different and nearly always involve a famous name or brand, so the designs are under pressure to look the part. The fun comes as part of producing a design which is professional enough that the receiver knows what the gift is and where it is from without knowing I created it.

Gift giver gets the kudos, receiver gets something they love and I get the practice. Win, win.

Tanning & Beauty Salon

A exercise in information design, I was commissioned by The Tanning & Beauty Salon to draw up some price lists for their store. The business itself lacked any clear brand or definitive logo and so I set about creating a style to match the calming, sanctuary like ethos the business promotes.

Working with the store managers and business owners I proposed muted subtle tones of green and grey to match the relaxed and naturally inspired 'vibe' of the store. With the sheer amount of treatments offered by the salon, fitting all of the services on offer into a small space, whilst still making it coherent was a challenge, but one I think ultimately works well.

The price list is regularly updated with services being removed and added frequently and in subsequent years the design has progressed to include appointment cards, flyers and other promotional items.

Traditional Favourites

Traditional favourites ethos was to offer wholesome English classic meal choices at a price point putting them in direct competition with a market place dominated by hamburgers, sandwiches and fast options.

Inheriting a brand which felt slightly 'unfinished', and artwork that featured photos of dog food masquerading as chilli(!), I worked with traditional favourites over many years in designing and re-vamping promotional items and menu broads for their range of UK outlets. Slowly updating the typefaces, textures, photography and other design elements I had plans to move the design forward using themes of wood and open stoves to promote a more traditional English kitchen theme.

Despite several years of persevering to make a dent in the market share dominated by multinational fast food outlets, a range of stores throughout the UK and a mission to bring a 'proper meal' to the fast food sector, sadly, ultimately the concept proved to be unviable.

Trolex Mine Comm-System Interface

One of literally hundreds of industrial or commercial human interface control panels I have designed or drawn for use in a vast range of situations from oil rigs to hospitals to commercial kitchens to submarines to your home. This one was particularly challenging and (I feel) note worthy for two reasons. Firstly this panel is for use in a mine, underground... in the dark. Secondly these are shipped around the globe and so have to be easily used and understood free of language.

The operation of the device is quite complex and controls both the operation of conveyors in and out of the mine as well as communication throughout out the mines various separate tunnels and dig sites. It also includes emergency features for alert and mechanical shutdown. Working closely with the device creators, all icons and symbols were designed and drawn bespoke, specifically for these purposes. With buttons large and simple enough to operate in difficult conditions by uses in heavy PPE.

The design also had to use limited SPOT colours in order to keep costs to a minimum and to be suitable for screen printing, to survive the harsh environment for years. The issue with darkness was overcome with some clever LED back lighting designed into clear and colour tinted areas of the panel.


What initially began as designing and helping arrange the print of wedding invitations for a few friends and family, has over the years, grown by word of mouth into full scale projects involving table plans, menu cards, RSVP slips, invitations, table place name cards, table numbers, favours, mementos and even the editing of wedding photos.

Now a 'dab hand' at wedding stationery I am well versed in helping couples early on in planning each of the little bits of design and print they are going to need to pull off their big day.

Most years now go by with me getting a least a couple of calls starting with "I've seen this really cute design online..." from eager 'brides to be' who are trying to create that memorable something that no else has had.

Whilst most of these have a clear theme or colour scheme, my favourites are the really eclectic ones where nothing seems to make sense but are personal to the couple.

Monopoly themed wedding invites or Spitfire place holders anyone?

Eastern Treats

Offering quality oriental cuisine in Shopping Centres in Glasgow, Eastern Treats branding and visual marketing was more akin to a cheap takeaway when I was asked to step in and look at both improving the design and bringing the company image into line with it's product offering.

Undertaking the project, the store were keen to keep their established colour scheme as they felt the bright colours set them apart from their competition. With this in mind everything else was scrapped and we started again, completely redesigning the menu and promotional displays using oriental inspired themes, graphics and fonts.

A bamboo sushi matt texture, oriental floral designs and rising sun motifs are all subtly incorporated, helping to define the colour scheme as eastern and instantly preparing the stores clientele for the kind of food they can expect to see on offer.

MAP Biopharma

Having been let down by their previous designer, MAP Biopharma first asked me to help them in correcting and completing unfinished designs for marketing material that they had previously commissioned.

Impressed with the solutions I was able to offer in helping them fix their earlier designs, I worked regularly with multiple departments within the organisation to fulfil any graphics and design requirements. From in office displays, designs for sister & client operations and promotional materials for the overarching business strategy and European conferences the nature of this work has quickly diversified.

MAP Biopharma are a global company with offices based in the UK and the USA. Designs were approved by the most senior members of the parent organisation on both sides of the Atlantic, printed and used globally.

H&A Truck Assistance Logo & Vehicle ID

A new company, H&A Truck Assistance breakdown and recovery service initially asked me to design vehicle livery for the their recovery vans. It became quickly apparent that the company had no logo, company colour scheme or had any brand work completed at all. Before essentially advertising could be created, the target audience had to know who or what was being advertised so from some simple lettering the project grew.

Early on in the design stage the idea of incorporating the road theme into the logo developed, indicative of the companies primary place of business. Through the design stages and idea submissions various colour schemes were considered with the company settling on red and blue, borrowing from the predominant colours of the emergency services. Design suggestions also put forward were in dark greys and orange, another colour scheme synonymous with roadside assistance.

Throughout the design process, the initial requirement of vehicle livery remained a primary focus so each design was created with ease of production and application in vehicle vinyl a primary concern.

The Crown Pub

The crown pub is well known in it's local area. Inheriting a strong logo I was asked to bring the pubs promotional material up to it's new found gastronomical standard, whilst remaining true to the pub's well established local image.

One of the first items on my list of corrections was to bring the typeface into line across the board and create a coherent marketing message. Using the well established logo, I updated written information in line with this style and opted for rich and earthy colours to suggest themes of quality and luxury.

This update of the pubs image has been applied across the board to from dining area displays to marketing material and business stationery.

Out of the Woods Logo

Logo designed for 'Out of the Woods' tree surgery and ground maintenance company.

Whilst it appears initially complex the design only uses 3 colours to keep printing costs to a minimum and allow for easier and more cost effective application in vinyl to the company's fleet of vehicles.

Wasanbawi Cuban Beer

Whenever asked which was their favourite beer, the friend of a client would always reminisce about a mysterious larger they tried in Cuba called Wasanbawi (Wah-san-bow-ee).

Over the years my client's group of friends searched websites, off-licenses and airport duty free stores but no mater where they looked, no one could lay their hands on the mysterious tipple. As time progressed, I was told the myth of Wasanbowi had grown amongst the group and then, when our Cuban traveller's 50th birthday loomed, a party was organised and gifts were required. What better then, than to present on the day, the illusive beer enjoyed all those years previous.

A renewed effort to source Wasanbowi was launched but the beer remained just as illusive as it always had. As the party fast approached and in a last bid of desperation, the group unveiled their plan in an attempt to glean any clue as to how they could attain the beer for the party. It was at this point the myth was dissolved. Wasanbawi was revealed to be a hoax and the beer to have never existed.

Here the story might have ended. However, maintaining such a ruse for so many years couldn't simply go un-punished and so a new plan was hatched, one which would see the group of friends, minus the Cuban traveller of course, drinking Wasanbowi at the party as planned...

Brought up to speed and apparently now complicit in this new charade, I was asked to create the can design for the beer. It had to be distinctly Cuban and convincing enough to be believed genuine... at least initially. A substitute was provided and I set about wrapping the cans in the new design so they could be opened and poured at the party.

And so, here are photos of the final result, proof that the 'Hard to find larger from Cuba's black harbour' finally made it from myth to reality.

Hi there...

Thank you for taking the time to have a look through my work.

If you are asking yourself what a 'Digital Imaging Expert' is imaging is a term I felt encompassed all aspects of graphics, photography, illustration and related disciplines. Digital requires a computer to either develop or display the end result, and the expert is, me.

If it involves graphics, photos, illustration or imaging and requires some sort of digital intervention to bring it to life I'd like to put myself forward as your guy.

I enjoy (and hopefully you will agree that I'm pretty good at) making great looking things. I am, however, also passionate about making great looking things that work. Whether it needs to be set up for a limited colour print run, has to be happy living on a HD TV and a 6" smartphone at the same time or has to squeeze in under that file size limit, I believe I have the skills to add premium professional design and content to your projects.

Hopefully what you see here today will give you cause to agree and if you'd like to get in touch with me based on this, or if you'd simply like just to say 'Hi' back, please do so using the form. I'd very much like to hear from you.


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- Cheveley Park Stud
" The banner is great and I'm thrilled with it. It will be on display outside of Hills Road SFC on Saturday. I'm going to talk to folks at college, show them the banner and tell them what excellent service I've had. "
- Ian (Hills Road Sith Form College)
" The Chief Executive of Tom's Trust is thrilled with the design. "
- Cambs City Council, Mayors Office
" Thank you for the banners. I am very pleased with them - you're a real pro! "
- Aubrey James
" We received the booklets this morning. Thank you so much for getting these to us promptly. They look great! "
- Swagelok
" Thanks so much for all your help over the last few weeks. Couldn't have done it with out you so a huge thank you. "
- Young Britons' Foundataion
" Thank you so much for your help - you have taken a weight off my mind. Your very simple instruction re the colours was great - I'm sure there must be some things I can do in Word that you don't know, but I certainly needed that one! "
- Liz (EVT Transcription)
" These look absolutely fantastic. Everyone here is really pleased with them and we have agreed that your darker blue looks much better than our lighter so would like to go for those on the poster, leaflet and cards. "
" Well the design Yoda called Tim has delivered again... He's the man aint he!!! Love the design my dear, this email confirms authority to produce the winter poster for our winter campaign. Love you! "
- Murketts Vauxhall
" It gets better with every layout! Sorry for all the messing around on this one... it looks 100% spot on now. "
" Have forwarded to Nisa, I think... bloody brilliant! "
- Fordham Fine Foods
" This is absolutely amazing! Am truly blown away at how beautiful it looks. Have sent to hubbie too and he loves it - Tim you're a genius! "
- Clem
" Just got back today and had a good look through the stickers. They look and work great! You were incredibly helpful and was greatly appreciated. Thanks again. "
- Newcastle University
" Art work attached is PERFECT! Really like them, your pictures are spot on, totally on the right track, no changes needed. Thanks. "
- Eastern Treats
" Thank you so much for the banner which is ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS - we are thrilled with the result! Thank you very much. "
- Comberton Village College
" Thank you for your prompt response. We are happy with it and I'm waiting for the final OK from the car manufacturer. "
- Caterpillar Inc.

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